The Summer of Transformation…summer intensive advice part two

I was thinking that I wanted to  add a few thoughts, pieces of advice and perhaps give you all a little project for the summer.  The summer is a time for fun, relaxing, enjoying friends and family, but it is also a time that things grow. Flowers grow taller, trees bloom and life seems to come alive all around us.  Have you ever noticed the when you go back to school or dance in the Fall that many of your classmates look taller?  The sun and the summer has a way of changing things around us in the physical world. I would like to suggest that you use the summer to work on changing or perhaps enhancing some of your thoughts and habits to grow as a person, dancer, athlete and student. I humbly suggest you think of this summer as a summer of transformation.  

Before I get to that piece I want to add a few thoughts to my previous post on things to do at your summer intensive. When my daughter was at a wonderful summer program two summers ago I had the privilege of hearing the orientation speech that Artistic Director gave to the attendees. His words to the students were insightful, thoughtful and inspiring. I know my own daughter thought of his comments often that summer and they had great impact. He said many things here is one thing he said that I want to share with you all.

Drum roll please. (just kidding…a little fun guys, a little fun). I am going to paraphrase as it was a couple of years ago.

The AD told the dancers, I know many of you are coming to this program because you want  to get inspired and learn, but what you may not know is that I will get inspired by some of you this summer.  Those simple words created a basis for people to show up to classes hoping to be that special dancer, what an empowering statement! He continued to say, each day you come to class, think about a tool that you have learned that you can  use both now and when you go back to your regular studio.  He encouraged the students to have fun but to use this time to grow as a dancer.  There were many great moments of that welcome speech  that I thought were  motivational, but these particular comments were very memorable.  Dancers, go to your program take that advice,  leave each class with something that you take with you always, write it down, make a voice recording on your phone, think about it, visualize it, share it with your friends and be grateful that you are able to spend your summer doing what you love. I know I have talked about the gratitude concept before, but it is worth repeating. When I think about the dancers all over the world that would do anything to have the opportunities that many of you a have  (and aren’t able to do) it is worth repeating.

                                      SUMMER OF TRANSFORMATION

In my previous post I gave you some advice on goal setting, planning, gratitude and intention.  I want to expand on the goal part of the conversation. Take a few minutes and look over your goal list (now if you haven’t created one yet…take some time to do so)

Remember goals should be measurable by another person, meaning you can say I want to be more flexible but how will you know if you  accomplished that goal; otherwise it can easily become a wish, not a goal. You can put things into categories, academic summer goal, fitness, dance etc…then break it down and track it .

We created a board , it is not done yet, as my daughter still has lots of tests in school, but it is almost there. You can put pictures, specific goals and then dates …put a check mark on tracking.  Example if you want your foot to look a certain way, take a picture of your foot today, put next to it a picture of your goal foot, then right now the steps you need to take to improve your foot and get it to your goal, then track it…all on the board. Look at the board daily. Now if you are away and don’t want to share this info do it on a smaller scale in a notebook. Whatever works best for you.

The idea is that at the end of the summer you can look back and see what you have accomplished. This method is proven to help you move forward towards your goals.

An academic goal could be certain number of books read, math skill or perhaps you pick a summer long project, write a book, start a blog. increase your vocabulary.

If you need help I will offer 30 minutes of my time to anyone that reaches out, I can work with you  how to create the board and tracking.

Send me an email at or go to the contact form and fill out and I will reach out to you.

Most important thing is decide to do it, I know it is hard to get started on this stuff, and dancers, you are all very busy with school and your training. The development of your mind, creating great habits, being aware, planning and taking action, are all important to your becoming the best version of yourself that you can be.

I know many of you are time management Gods and could teach me a thing or two. The input I offer is to enhance what you may already do or to encourage you to start thinking about adding this to your training. It is so easy to get caught into the “doing” part of life,  that the “planning and thoughtfulness of our days” can get lost in the shuffle.

One of the things that I think is important to state here is this:

Turn your “should’s”into “musts”…this concept is taught by Tony Robbins.

Example. I should drink a lot of water daily vs. I must drink “x” ounces of water a day and to do that I will make sure I have enough cold water available to me throughout the day. I will not make excuses that I didn’t have access to it, I alone will make sure this happens, this is a must.

When we are totally committed to something we do not make excuses, we find a way to get it done.

Tony Robbins talks a lot about raising our own standards.


Be focused, determined, driven, grateful and excited about the possibility of transforming a part of you that you have decided need to grow/change or become enhanced.

I will end this with a question….what are your “musts” this summer?

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Summer Intensive Advice

Many of those of you that read this blog are young dancers so this post is directed towards you. This will be quick read, I promise.

Most of you are winding down from your home studio’s spring semester and getting ready to attend a summer intensive. I want to spend a minute on how you can maximize the time, energy, effort and opportunity of spending the summer doing what you love!

My own daughter has attended a few really wonderful ballet programs through the years, Bolshoi, ABT Young Dancers, ABT/NYC, Forrest Academy of Ballet NYC as well as Ellison Ballet. All of these programs, as well as those offered everywhere else, give the dancer the opportunity to grow in the their craft, learn other styles of teaching, connect with dancers/teachers from around the world, for some to be on your own, meet new friends and of course have some fun!

You are so lucky to spend the summer doing what you all love to do, dance!

That first day walking into the placement class I have seen dancers get so nervous thinking about the girl with the amazing feet, or hyperextended leg or the insane flexibility. Come on even the best of you sizes one another up! That’s okay and its normal to check out who you’ll be sharing your time. I know for my daughter seeing the talented dancers is both inspiring and encouraging. She has often said in these situations, I am so honored that I was chosen to dance with these girls. ( I am sure she had a bit of nervousness too!).

So my first piece of advice when you walk in the first day, look around, admire those dancers, then look in the mirror and admire you! You made it! For many of you, you had multiple offers and choices, and for your own reasons you choose this place that you will spend a good portion of your summer. Congratulations! Enjoy the moment, take it in….and please take a moment to be grateful. There is no doubt that when you look to the right and the left of you on the barre, that there were many dancers that wished they could be that person. Gratitude is so important. Be grateful for the “yes you received, be grateful that your parents, teachers and other support systems helped you get to this moment and be grateful to all of the dancers. Why the other students, well it you let them one or more will push you to work harder each day.

Second really important piece of advice, decide on your intention. What do I mean by that? Decide what you want to accomplish at this intensive. Pick a measurable goal or two (for the very inspired pick more!), write them down…this part very important.
This article is a quick and easy explanation or just believe me and do it.

Writing down goals

In addition to the 5-8 week summer goal (s) you might have from your dance intensive, when you walk into the studio on a daily basis ask yourself, “what is my intention for today”. Better yet, decide on your intention for the day. Take a moment to think about what your goals (written down , I hope) for the intensive, then ask yourself, what you can do to move forward towards those goals for the day.

“Our intention creates our reality” Wayne Dyer

Each day walk into class and ask yourself am I totally present mind, body and soul. What can I give today, (my answer is everyday give it your all, don’t hold back) Be open and ready to receive what the amazing teachers have to offer. For some of you this summer might be your first big summer intensive, for others its old hat, been there , done that. In either situation, a seasoned summer intensive “veteran” or a “newbie” make a commitment to yourself. Decide ….decide what you want to receive, decide who you want to be in the class, be the one that the teachers love to work with, be the one that 5-8 weeks after the intensive is over, looks like a different dancer. Walk into this experience with all that you are today and all that you see yourself as tommorow. Just for fun>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Quick recap:

1. Be grateful. Do you keep a gratitude journal? If not great idea, write 3 things daily that you are grateful for.

2. Pick a 1,2,3 goals for the summer, make them measurable, So if you want to execute on a pirouettes on pointe, or have a better arabesque..make sure you say exactly what you want on that goal list. True goals are not general, don’t be vague, be specific.

3. Read your list daily, and set your intention for the day.

4. Enjoy yourself, decide who you will be during this intensive. Make some new friends.

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Slips when working towards goals, don’t have to become big falls!

Hi all, I want to do a quick entry about set backs. Even with the best of intentions, planning, prep, affirmations, visualizations, reading your goals daily and taking action; even with all of that, we can sometimes falter.

Set backs or slips are a normal part of the process when reaching towards a goal of any type. If it is a fitness/health goal, a personal achievement goal, professional, relationship or any other anything that we are moving towards.

When we have these little slips it is important that we do a couple of things so that they don’t get us so off track that we have a major fall.

1. First things first, admit that you got off the track, for a moment. It is important that you acknowledge to yourself (and if you are working with a coach or have a close friend) you tell them as well. Do not beat yourself up, you are human, not a robot! Life happens.

2. Once you have acknowledged the slip, forgive yourself. That is right, no beating yourself up and please do not have the internal dialogue that you stink or you are a failure. If you are reading this, you must promise yourself (and me) that you will forgive yourself. Simply saying “I forgive myself for my mistake or slip, lack of follow through (whatever it is), I will do better today and it is really okay” You can change this sentence into your own words but is it important that you do forgive yourself and move on. We are hardest on ourselves. Slips become bigger issues when we wallow in the negativity, and believe me, I know how easily that can happen.

3. Now this one is important, is there anything to be learned from this instance. Meaning, the slip occurred because______________________________________________

Fill in the blank, if it occurred because of lack of focus, prep, not reading goals, getting distracted, being tired or perhaps no real reason. Then right that down, or say it out loud. Whatever the reason, know this just giving it a little attention, forgiving yourself, looking for a lesson and then moving forward. The slip become a short little moment in time and nothing more. Most goals are not achieved with big moments, they are the decisions we make daily and in some cases, minute by minute.

Remember this ALL THOUGHTS/FEELINGS CAN LEAD TO OUR BEHAVIORS. So if we want positive behaviors, that is right, we need positive thoughts. Beating ourselves up is not a productive use of our time.

So my goal with this post is to do a pattern interrupt. Meaning if you have a slip, for most of us, we would feel negative about ourselves, which could lead to more negative or non productive behaviors, that lead us astray from our goal (s). Instead of wallowing in feeling badly, pity or anger. The steps above are to get you right back on your track towards your personal greatness.

Here is a little secret, sometimes this small set backs fire us up to work even harder the next day or moment.

So if you had some cookies, did not make the sales calls you agreed to do, read, did your affirmations, decluttered your office, whatever it is that you did not do, it is okay! You are breathing, you are alive and you have today to get back on track.

I have faith in you!

PS I was feeling amazing last week in the gym, feeling like I had turned the corner for my fitness/weight loss goal. Saturday and Sunday I did not eat well and I had an issue with my knee. During my workout this am I was struggling and I left class early, I never do that. My knee really hurt and I was feeling pretty terrible. So what am I going to do. I have a choice, continue to eat crappy and have a bad workout tomorrow or forgive myself, understand that my food choices impacted my workout, along with a knee issue, and spend the rest of the week working my butt off with renewed determination and commitment. I forgive myself and know that I WILL HAVE A GOOD WEEK WITH LOTS OF PERSONAL SUCCESS. It is as easy as that!

There is no magic pill, there is not magic moment…what we control is how we respond to events that occur. That is always in our control. The outcome is determined by our response to the events. The event only determines the outcome if we let it. You be in charge of you!

Keep going towards your goals!

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Attended on day workshop “One Day to Greatness” hosted by Jack Canfield

17 days later…..

First of all reading his books, watching you tube videos, training videos and manuals; is just a glimpse at the true greatness that this man brings to us all.

Clear, concise, accessible, interesting, thought provoking and of course inspiring are the words I would use to describe how Jack delivers his talk on the Success Principles.

From the moment I checked in until the minutes of departure, the environment was one of growth, opportunity, excitement and just feeling so much gratitude to be in that room, with Jack, his staff as well as the fellow attendees. Honestly, I am not exaggerating it was worth every penny and then some!

The difference between reading his material and listening to Jack tell the stories that are the foundation of his methodology, is tremendous. As a Certified Jack Canfield Trainer, I have read or heard most of what he shared, it didn’t matter. It was great to experience first hand what I have taught and will continue to teach and coach to others.

Did I have any personal breakthroughs? Why yes I did! Now not every motivational event will produce “aha moments”, but for me, I must say I had a few. First of all I got to meet and hug Jack. What was a bit suprising to me was my level of emotion. I legitimately could not believe I was standing in front of him, it was like a kid meeting Santa Claus for the first time. I am not exaggerating. A voice that I have both read and listened to for years was right there, and I hugged him! I regret not paying for the VIP lunch, ugh, what a mistake! I did not sleep so much the night before ( like a kid on Christmas Eve, so forgive how drawn I look here). Jack was a gentlemen and a delight and my admiration and love for him grew exponentially, after this event and our brief meeting.

The program was a full day with an hour and a half for lunch, but it moved so quickly. Jack has great stamina. He took pictures and signed books at every break and stayed as late as was needed to make sure all had a chance to say hello, get a picture and/or signature. The staff at the Canfield group as well as the many volunteers were both professional, approachable and above all kind. If you read this blog, you will know I place a high value on that particular characteristic.

Back to my big take away. Prior to going to the event, I always pictured myself delivering the success principles to small workshops in companies or to individuals. I didn’t think I wanted to do a big group. In fact I have yet to present the Success Principles to a bigger audience than 15. That has changed! Watching, and listening/participating in the program I could feel the excitement inside of me swell. I was visualizing myself doing what Jack does, adding my own style and creating an exciting and memorable event. I thought to myself, yes I can do this! The messages he has taught us to share are so powerful and needed in today’s world, I actually feel an obligation to share it with whomever will listen! (Truth be told and to those that might be resistant, I know I can win them over).

Well what have I done with this new found belief and passion.

1. I recommitted to doing my affirmations and visualizations daily.

2. I have added a lot more reading to my day.

3. I start my day with my intentions.

4. I took the first action step to creating my event, I went to several local hotels and got prices. One more thing I did , the hotel that I really want to host this one day event in my town allowed me to go into the room. I stood there and looked out at the seats, that ironically were set up just like they were at Jack’s event and I pictured myself in front of 100 people. In my past life I was a DJ/dance performer and talked and danced in front of lots of people, so though I will be nervous, it is not so foreign for me to picture myself in front of a lot of people.

5. I have since started to brainstorm about sponsors to offset the cost as well as who would truly benefit from what I will deliver, really anyone and everyone. However, I thought I should think in a bit more of a targeted way.

6. I have a plan, an action plan written down and each day I MUST do one thing (at a minimum) that moves me forward towards this event. Oh I got some printing pricing as well.

The most important thing is that I truly see myself combining my love of event planning with my talent and insight as a coach. I know I can create something special, I can feel it.

I will keep you posted! In the meantime, if you know of anyone or a company that I could approach about participating as a sponsor I would be grateful. Please send me an email at

The event date will most likely be in early September.

It will be called 30 DAYS TO RESULTS

I will the teach the foundations of the Success Principles, it will be interactive, inspiring, fun and for those that allow it the spring board to moving forward towards any goal or goals you may have. I can promise this ….. anyone that attends will walk away thinking and feeling just a bit (or a lot) differently than they did when they walked in for the day. My goal as a coach is and has always been, to help you move forward in a way that brings you to what you most want and need. My individual coaching clients will often tell me they feel so understood by me, which makes me so happy, as that is my top priority when I work with them.

“Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success” Shiv Khera

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A little project about Success for you.

Hi there, I feel like I haven’t had much to say in last few weeks. Everything kind of status quo, except I feel a bit better, more energized and focused. I attribute it to #orangetheoryfitness. I also have been doing a couple of things that I coach others to do and it definitely helps. PS. There is no magic pill and like Jim Rohn says “You can’t get someone to do your pushups”. To be happy and successful, you need to commit to doing some basic exercises, daily. If you want stronger arms, chest, pushups are a way to get that and you need do it, Same theory for those of us that want to move forward and make some positive changes in our lives. Here are a few things I have been doing. First of all listening to #tonyrobbins when he says raise your standards, he calls it an hour of power, this is just part of it. Both #jackcanfield and #tonyrobbins talk about gratitude ( I have written about it before as well)

1. Keeping a gratitude journal, 3 things I am grateful for on a daily basis. Sometimes I do in am for the day before or in the evening and review that day.

2. When I am drinking my coffee in the am, I think of what I want out of that day, what is my intention. I ask myself what do I want to accomplish. Admittedly, some days I am quite ambitious and others not so much!

3. I forgive myself for what I haven’t completed, vowed to do better and congratulate myself on what I did do well. (This is so important, if you are like me and very hard on yourself).

This leads me to a little project I have in mind for you. Go to a quiet place, grab your favorite beverage, piece of paper and pen. This exercise might take about 10-15 minutes (rough estimate). Start brainstorming about success’ you have had to date, in addition if you can remember the obstacles, if any, you had to overcome to get that success.

Here are a few for me. (In no particular order of importance, but just brainstorming it all)

1. Won many dance contests in clubs in both NYC and beyond. I bought my first car with dance contest money back in college. (It was a 1973 Gran Torino and it was a huge 8 cylinder engine, that I could barely drive)

2 In college, I won the top Freshman History Award.

3. Sold enough life insurance in my first 10months with #northwesternmutual that I made what is called, #milliondollarroundtable #mdrt. This was a big deal. So many obstacles that I overcame that year, too many to list.

4. After many tries and two miscarriages was able to get pregnant and carry my daughter to full term. This is the greatest success of my life.

5. Becoming a Certified Jack Canfield Coach.

6. When I was a DJ with Big Apple Entertainment I established a sales program and helped grow the company from two events per weekend into a company that was booked faith 3-4 teams working 3 days or more per week. I also conceptualized and designed their “mock wedding” that has been used for many years at Bridal showcases to sell their services to potential wedding couples.

7. I have put together many successful celebratory events for myself, friends, family and organizations.

8. I have coached many clients to reach their stated goals and beyond.

9. Learned to drive a car. (Lol) for my younger readers.

10. Auditioned for and got parts in local community musical theatre.

11. Learned to play flute and given second seat in the orchestra.

12. When selling master card and visa processing for Bank Of America, made significant increases in my territory.

13. Chaired a huge (very successful) party for the Girl Scouts of America in my region.

14. Won a first place fitness/weight loss competition in my gym against other 40-49 year olds. Obstacle here was the competition was over 90 days and I had many injuries while training. I just kept visualizing winning, that helped me so much.

15.Joined Orange Theory Fitness. ( I was really scared to do this)

16. I have helped many clients move forward and take action to start their business’.

These are the top ones that came to my mind, I will have more when I give myself a bit more time. That took about 20 minutes to think and type up, so maybe give yourself a little more time, or do some of the list today and complete in a day or two.

Let me share what happens when you start to think about what you have done that is successful. My mood started to shift ( I started typing this up and I was so tired). Suddenly I have some energy. I was typing and smiling, thinking to myself, “you go girl”! The thought that people might judge me from my list did start to come into play, I forced those thoughts out. For a moment I realized it is kind of vulnerable to share this, thinking my success list might be quite paltry to some or I might seem full of myself. It is okay to be proud of ones self! Let me repeat that, a bit loudly… IT IS OKAY TO BE PROUD OF ONESELF! It is not being a braggart, it is acknowledging all that we are, have been and can be.

In addition something I think I have written about before, but worth repeating..all thoughts lead to our behaviors. When we remind ourselves about our successes, we are in a positive state of mind. Positive thoughts will encourage us and lead us to positive behaviors.

One of the benefits of having a list like this around is for the days (for me today) that I feel unmotivated, a little down, tired and not very successful. Just sitting here thinking of these 16 items, I have an excitement and energy that I did not have 30 minutes ago.

Of the 16 items listed above there isn’t one item that I can recall I accomplished without overcoming something whether it was lack of time, resources or simply fear. Nothing I listed above was a so called lay up. What’s great about creating this list , it reminds me of what I am made of and how far I have come, but also, how much further I can go. I hope it does the same for you!

So write your list, share it with me or others, you can email it to me at If you need a little help getting started, drop me a line, I would be happy to give you a little push to start you off!

Do what you say you are going to do

So I was reading a chapter in the Success Principles by Jack Canfield, Chapter 54. “Keep Your Agreements”. I was reflecting on my own experience with this very issue. I believe we should say what mean, mean what we say and honor our commitments. The commitments made to others as well as to ourselves.

Do you think this is true….”Your life work to the degree you keep your agreements”. (Werner Erhard). Thinking about this quote, I would answer yes. I do think when we live our life with a high level of integrity, we raise standards as to what we will accept from ourselves as well as others. If we are honorable we will only seek to connect with those that are similar. We will want our personal and professional relationships to be filled with only authentic and reliable people. The more you become someone who keeps your agreements, the more you will be able to “sniff” out those that will not. When I was selling life insurance for Northwestern Mutual, I was not the most knowledgeable rep in my peer group, but I was the most successful. One of the reasons that I believe I did so well was a simple and basic core belief that I lived. I did more than expected, sought to understand my clients and for them to know they were understood. My clients used to tell me they knew they could trust me. I knew no other way but to give the best of myself and do more than was expected. If you are in sales and reading this, please do not over promise and then under deliver, this seems to permeate so many business’ today.

“Never promise more than you can perform” Publilius Syrus

This concept of keeping agreements made is very important in business; however, keeping agreements with ourselves, that is where the magic happens, and that is where I recently have faltered. I can remember a time in my life that I was very structured, in a great routine in the gym as well as my meal planning. I was in great shape and felt very much in control. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I was making myself a priority in my own life. Fast forward to today, I have my good days and my bad days. I have been keeping to my workout schedule at Orange Theory Fitness, which I highly recommend, go take a class. Where I have missed a few steps is in the nutrition department. The reality is once I let myself off of the hook it seems to be easier to do so the next time. Need to break that pattern with a pattern interrupt. How do we do that…read a book like Success Principles (or part of it), listen to motivational talks on youtube, podcasts and read some good blogs. (I hope mine is one of them). Acknowledge that you made a misstep or two…and get back on track. No need to beat ourselves up. What we need is to honor our agreements to our mind, body and soul.

EVERY AGREEMENT YOU MAKE IS WITH YOURSELF (this is from Chapter 54 Success Principles by Jack Canfield, page 360.

“More importantly, every agreement you have made is ultimately with yourself. Even when you are making an agreement with someone else, your brain hears it and registers it as a commitment. Your are making an agreement with yourself to do something, and when you don’t follow through, you lean to distrust yourself. The result is loss of self-esteem, self-confidence and self-respect. You lose your faith in your ability to produce a result . You weaken you send of integrity.” Jack Canfield

(I read this paragraph and had a few aha moments, every time I let myself off of the hook for anything I have really felt so badly for more than just that one item. After a while I can see how we can become numb to that, almost expecting ourselves to be the one that doesn’t get it done. This concept can be life changing if truly internalized and put into action).

In the book Jack uses an example about telling your spouse you will get up early to go to gym, after 3 days of hitting the snooze button, your unconscious mind gets all confused and basically stops trusting you. The end result is you lose a little bit of a the personal power that you have.

So what can we do to build on this. If you are already a person that keeps their agreements both to self and others, my guess is you are a person that is very often asked to help, volunteer and basically be a “doer” I would also take a guess that you are successful in your personal and professional life.

For the rest of us that need to work this “agreement muscle ” here are 4 tips from Jack Canfield:

1. Make only agreements you intend to keep.

2. Write down all of the agreements you make. ( it is so easy to forget, there is a study that if we don’t write something down or make effort to store in in long term memory, we can lose that info in as little as 37 seconds) So even with the best intentions, we can miss the mark on our agreements, just from being forgetful, results still the same as if we purposefully did not do them.

3. Communicate any broken agreement at the first appropriate time. (If you are going to be late, can’t attend something you said yes to, and agreements to yourself) As a side bar, (not in book) I add to this one, when we have broken and agreement with ourselves, it is the moment to reevaluate if it was indeed doable, and if so, what can we do to make sure we don’t make the same mistake. Make a plan to do it!

4. Learn to say no more often. (Jack says give yourself time to think it over)

This is from me not Jack. One line that is really helpful, especially because many of us have a hard time saying “no”, you can always try this ” I am sorry that doesn’t work for me”. (Side bar…I have coached a few of my clients that are in management with this line and they have shared with me that it is much easier to say , then “no”.)

For agreements made to self, having someone you can be accountable to is a huge benefit. I think I have written about accountability partners before. Find someone that you can text, call or email about an agreement that you made to yourself.

Accountability is where so much growth, change and success begins.

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Move yourself forward by making a difference in someone else’s life

I had a of thought that I wanted to share. Could be repetitive for some and for others could be just what they needed to hear today. I promised myself if I felt really strongly about a topic, opinion or something I thought was valuable to share I would get it into the blog asap.

There is a saying I heard a long time ago

Never underestimate the impact of what you say and do has on others”

I have a suggestion for you, if you could try it and let me know the results that would be lovely. Here is my request, as you go about your day, look for moments to so or say something nice to another person. Whether you look them in their eyes and give a heartfelt hello and smile, or perhaps just a smile. Try to find something about someone that you can compliment, be sincere. The coffee girl that has pretty nails, tell her. The person that holds the door for you, thank them and smile. You be the one to let someone carry a heavy bag. One idea, tell someone that their working out is starting to show up. (This was my impactful moment example). From the smallest to the most grand gesture, you can make the energy around you change. In the end, you will have a shift in your state of being. If life is just perfect for you and you don’t really need that, it will just be better! On the other hand, if malaise has set in for the day, I can promise you that this will be the shift and perhaps save the day. Sometimes we need one small catalyst to make things change for the better.

In fact in my workshops I teach the attendees how positive thoughts about self and others make them physically stronger as well as how the opposite it true, when we judge self and others we get really weak. It is done with a volunteer and honestly is always a highlight and very eye opening to the group. I give tools and suggestions on how to protect them from the negative “stuff” that might be secretly sent their way. I wish I had video of it as this would be a great link to add right here. I will have to do that!

I wanted to share this right now because I was the beneficiary of a few words of encouragement. I had a few people make positive comments to me. They noticed the physical changes that are happening. One young girl said to me, you look really good and you look like you have more energy. It really made me smile and encouraged me so much. Of course I thanked her and let her know how much I appreciated her kind words. She was my favorite that day. When someone “sees” us, it can be a powerful moment. In fact I really believe that those moments, if increased, could change the world, I digress as this post is meant to be short and sweet.

I have favor to ask, find 3 people over the course of the next week and make it your mission to say or do something that will impact them in a positive way. Check in with yourself, as much as your goal is to make them feel good, my promise to you , is the happiness you are creating in them, will bounce right back to you! Now just imagine if that type of exchange was done all over the world throughout the day. OMG the energy of positivity created would be astounding!